Free One-to-One Support

Young person providing community care illustrationPatients and their families can book free sessions with one of our PalliWellbeing Connectors. Our PalliWellbeing Connectors are here to listen to your story and what matters most to you. They can give you advice on how to ask for help from your health, social and community supports and information about local supports.

Our PCQ PalliWellbeing Connectors are experts in the space of dying and grief. They have experience and extensive training in different aspects of palliative care and/or counselling. They are available via phone, videoconference or to meet at your home or a local coffee shop.

Our phone line is available 9-4pm Monday to Friday and is all open for individuals, families and friends to ask any question in relation to the health, social, community aspects of palliative care. They will listen with a compassionate ear, they will chat to you about what matters most to you and who are your existing networks of care, they will provide information and support to help you meet your goals and find what you need.

This service is free of charge and you can self-refer.

Contact us now to book your one-to-one session

Our service includes the opportunity to connect with a registered nurse who is experienced in palliative and supportive care.

They can work with you through your concerns, understanding what and who matters most and how to get the support and advice you need.

This can be done over the phone, at your home or with a small group of others – either at a group session or with some friends and family. Call us to arrange a suitable time to chat.